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Re: What about regular showers?

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I don't know why they even bothered with sonic showers, since it would obviously be easy to replicate water.
Deanna Troi has a bath tub in her quarters aboard the Enterprise D, and either she or Riker has a tub on the Enterprise E.

From the scene at the beginning of First Contact, where Picard walks into the bathroom in his quarters and splashes water on his face, I believe that starship's have a "regular" pressurized water delivery system. My impress is that the water (because it's delivery was immediate) wasn't being replicated as it flowed out of the faucet.

Post-TOS the starships did seem to be geared towards providing creature comforts to the crew. Taking a water shower, beside simply getting you clean, is a pleasurable experience. And might be available just for that reason.

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