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Re: Why does Enterprise get so much flak?

The seasons were too long by the time Enterprise came along. There are easily 13 shows a piece in those initial years, which could sustain the momentum expected by audiences today. An exciting premiere and episodes which build a few story arcs (to be continued later), before proving at least one of those has actually been building to something by the finale.

The problem is the filler material, required to bulk up a 26 show run and for Star Trek to be on most weeks a year... factoring in repeats during that time. Familiarity breeds contempt. Cut back and make people wait for quality. Put that extra bit of effort into making fewer stories perfect, rather than struggle through recycled TNG/Voyager ideas which even the writers must've known were straying from their prequel concept... but a episode was needed that week, so in it goes I guess.

60% crap I find to be a little harsh. I skip less ENT episodes than any other series, with the possible exception of DS9 (but even that has a handful of deathly dull outings every season).

Getting this show noticed for all the right reasons, getting it a better shot of success requires changing stuff. Enterprise somehow continues to polarise. Going through the series in order on Blu ray I doubt very much will suddenly make any difference. You'll get converts and you'll get an equal number who decide not to stick with it. If I were an executive introducing this show to a new audience, I'd remove episodes from each season that could've been (or indeed were already) done by another iteration, so that you're left with freshly distilled Enterprise. Do something radical like replace the song used in the title sequence, and don't stop there... thin out the reliance on Dennis McCarthy's scores - which tended to sound the same here as across TNG/DS9/VOY and replace them with exciting new compositions like that in "Regeneration" by Bryan Tyler. Use more electronic synth, in with the classical sounding orchestra. Then you start to make the show standout, feel fresh and different and well, alive.
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