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Re: Was moving 'The Next Generation' over to movies a bad decision?

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I still don't know why they WAITED four years after Insurrection to release Nemesis. If they wanted to stop doing TNG films then stop.
I surmise the decision was to focus on VOY and get it "working". I thinking blaming VOY is a bit over the top, but when you look at INS and NEM as films at the time 98 and 02. The only draw for audiences is to come see the TNG crew in a feature films. INS failed to aspire to anything great. The entire Dominion War (The largest Intergalactic War in Trek history) is skipped out for the TNG crew and we get a mediocre story fit for tv TNG. NEM had scale and scope in some parts, but it was too late to salavage the films and NEM failed to some up "All Good Things" in the TNG swan song.

Rick Berman was the executive producer for VOY and the TNG films at the time. DS9 was essentially Ira Behr's child at the time. I suppose you could say Berman didn't keep his eye on the ball. VOY being free to watch but TNG now pay for view.
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