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Re: Captain America: The Winter Soldier pre-release thread

The whole "Nick Fury, Jr." thing in the recent comics is, of course, an excuse to bring the comics more in line with the far more famous and widely known movie version of Fury (since comics are read by tens of thousands at most while hit movies are seen by tens of millions at least). So it doesn't make much sense to expect the movies to imitate the comics' imitation of the movies. It's kind of getting the causality backward.

And yeah, it's a contrived idea, but I can understand the comics' reasons for doing it. Heck, I've gotten so used to the modern image of Fury that seeing him as a white guy seems strange to me now. The comics are following the lead of the more popular medium it inspired, just as Superman adopted the Daily Planet, Jimmy Olsen, and kryptonite from the radio show, Batman adopted Harley Quinn from the animated series, and so forth. (Though some such attempts have less staying power, like Wonder Woman's abortive return to a WWII setting in response to the first season of the '70s TV series, or the comics Spider-Man's acquisition of movie-style organic webshooters which were virtually never used or mentioned again after the storyline in which they were introduced.)
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