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Re: How Do You Define Success In Life?

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To me, success is happiness. Happiness to me means many things.

It means having someone to share my life with. It means companionship, camaraderie and affection.

It means feeling fulfilled with how I spend my days, engage with work and hobbies.

It means having enough financial security that I'm not stressing over every penny. It doesn't mean having everything I want; it means having everything I need and being able to sleep at night without worrying about money. I like knowing that I will have a home that is my safe haven from the world.

It means being happy with myself, not being ashamed or apologetic about who I am physically, intellectually and emotionally.
I wish I could have put it this well.

The best I had come up with was not being miserable and not being greedy/ambitious. The continual drive to get more will also mean you struggle to find peace and satisfaction.
Wow, someone actually read my post.

I have relatives who are the most miserable people you are ever likely to meet. It is all about "what can I get?" from every person, thing and situation that they happen to encounter. It's one thing to be ambitious, to have goals, and then try to achieve them. That very admirable and rather efficient. However, it's another thing altogether to never enjoy the moment, to never be satisfied and see everything as a contest that must be WON. What a miserable way to go through life.
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