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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

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^^ Thanks for the nice feedback, gentlemen (just happen to wonder where is Albertese? Hope he's doing alright).


Awww... sweet of you to ask! Real life has been keeping me awfully busy of late, but I've still been following this thread with bated breath. I've just had to be in more of a lurker mode lately and I haven't had time to really examine your recent variations in depth. But, I really like what your doing here. It just keeps getting better and better.

One thought that did occur to me is how good an idea is it to keep the security/detention area just a short stroll away from the best means of escaping a starship in deep space? If you'
re keeping someone on ice in the brig, someone clever who might want to get out in a hurry, wouldn't you want to keep him a bit farther removed from the hangar deck? I dunno, maybe not.

Keep it up! Hopefully I'll get some time to go over it more someday soon!

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