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USS Blackwater NCC-93833: Flagship of the Nightstalkers Task Force

The newest sim of Atlantis Fleet, the USS Blackwater. She is a Sovereign class vessel. The Nightstalkers Task Force's primary mission is to defend the fleet, and provide aid to planets that are under attack, or has suffered a large catastrophe.

The year is 2395.

The Federation is torn apart by war and on the verge of losing everything.

From the ashes of what remains of Starfleet, Atlantis Fleet is born in the Federation's greatest hour of need.

The Romulans were nearly decimated by the explosion of their sun and the destruction of Romulus. The Federation was severely crippled from the Dominion War, when they lost Deep Space Nine to the Dominion. Which was later destroyed, to prevent Captain Sisko from retaking it. As well as the last Borg invasion at sector 001, where the Enterprise - E was lost with all hands back in the late twenty first century as they blew up the ship to save the Earth.

The Klingons seized upon the 'glorious' oppurtunity and turned on their allies to gain the dominance of the Alpha Quadrant as they had always dreamed of, but could never acheve before. The Romulans are unable to defend themselves and Stafleet is being forced back to defend it's core worlds, but are being ripped apart by the Klingon advance.

Atlantis Fleet is the home of Starfleet's last defence force. Some of the most powerful ships-of-the-line can be found in this fleet. Charged with the defense of what is left of the neutral zones and the Federation core world's, this Fleet's mission is no easy task.

Atlantis Fleet is the last hope for the Federation. The answer to all civilizations who cry out for peace. The Light in the Darkness. A beacon of hope.
To Join!
1. Read the rules!:
2. Fill out the application!:
3. Await your acceptance or denial!

Notes: Please backup your application before submitting it. In the occurrence of a connection error, you will not have to rewrite your entire character. I'm not saying it will happen, but it's better to be safe, rather than sorry. Your application may also be lost if it is not fully completed.

If you have a pre-written sample post, feel free to submit that. It doesn't even need to contain the character you have created for the sim, or even Star Trek for that matter. It will just allow me to get a feel for your writing style and ability. tl:dr You need to have relatively good grammar and spelling.

Your performance on the sample post will determine your starting rank.

I look forward to seeing many of you there! I am very excited.
Love Star Trek? Love Roleplaying? Perhaps you would be interested in a position on the USS Blackwater, a Sovereign-class NOVA-based Trek Simulation!
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