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Re: More Star Wars films announced

In truth what I really want from a SW movie, tv show etc. is actual Star Wars, something which, despite being called Star Wars, SW has never really delivered.

I want lots of grand-fleet ship-to-ship space combat and all that.

The closest we ever got was the Trench Run and the ROTJ battle over Endor.

Even in ESB the Executor served as nothing more than window dressing - look how big and powerful my ship is! But it never actually did anything. I'd have loved to see it firing broadsides into an enemy fleet, but nope.

Take the recent animated series, The Clone Wars - in it, there are often brief space battles, but only as a means by which our heroes bypass an enemy fleet, and get on to a planet, so the ground action can commence, and then that's where the action stays focused.

I want capital ship space combat with strategy, maneuver, and the laws of physics reasonably well obeyed.

I don't want the antics of Jedi supermen hogging over half the screen time.

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