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Re: STTMP vignette from the 1970s

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Why haven't they produced a widely available picture of that shot of the Rec Deck scene to the the left in that last photo? It looks amazing! A high definition rendering would be stellar too.
I have this (tighter) image as an 8x10 publicity still, from a set of eight shots (not the bigger lobby cards) - one of those photo sets sent to the media, with the title and details printed along the bottom:

Whole crew, TMP by Therin of Andor, on Flickr

I added the ruler myself, to help me plot the aliens and fan extras for a blog entry:
What's great about that angle is you can clearly see the nacelle strut through the lower windows.
Yeah it's cool. There are also some hi-res screenshots on Trekcore but I've never seen a shot that goes as high or as wide as the one in the pic here. I love the concept art too. Visually, the Enterprise shots and interior in TMP were things of beauty and they dismantled that Rec Deck after that one day's shooting. That wide angle pic is the only one I've seen that really does the set justice.
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