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Re: Red Dwarf 25th Anniversary Thread

Meant to say this a few weeks ago! I went to Brit Sci-fi 3 at the space centre in Leicester on March 9th. Barrie, Llewellyn and Jules were all there and I went to their Q&A. The three have such great chemistry together, just a shame Charles wasn't there too.

Anyhoo, they did seem to be suggesting that there would be another series, it was just a question of finding the time in all their schedules...they seemed to be suggesting it wasn't likely to air before 2015 though...

The queue for their autographs was insane, so there is still a huge fandom for the boys from the Dwarf, and a lot of people obviously there to see them patently weren't born when the show started.

I didn't get their autographs, my main focus there was Paul Darrow and Michael Keating, and I did get their autographs and had my picture taken with them

Apologies for minor Blakes 7 diversion in this thread...
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