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Re: Countdown to Darkness - Review and Discussion

A problem I'm having so far is why did they bother to make Mudd Bajoran? Based on issue 3, there is nothing in the story the requires her to be a Bajoran and no reason she couldn't have been human. I guess wth her apparentally being Harry Mudd's daughter the thinking was make her part alien to explain how someone as young as Harry Mudd should be could have a grown daughter. Problem with that is there's never been any indication Bajorans age at a different rate than humans.

They should have just made her human. That would mean thta in this timeline Harry Mudd would have to be older. Though I suppose that would place his birth in the pre-2233 zone which must match up with the Prime Universe (assuming his birth isn't already). But really, at this point, maybe we should just throw that idea out and accept the Abramsverse as a seperate reality althogther? Certainly would solve a lot of problems.
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