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Re: Holograms

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Were holograms in use during the TOS era?
This is a reminder that The Making of Star Trek book has the following content (on page 190):

"The fourth major facility on the eighth deck level is the entertainment center. Cetainly man of the future will require entertainment as much as we enjoy motion pictures and televisioin today. Probably entertainment will be three-dimensional in nature, and perhaps will even go further, in that you will sit in the room and the story will take place all around you. In orther words, a sophisticated extension of holography.

"This technique will also have its effect on the traditional 'mail call.' Instead of receiving a letter, a man can sit in the room and, via tape, actually 'see' the person sending the correspencence. As the tape is projected, the images will form in the air in front of him, so he will be able to see how his child looks, what's happening to the house, and how great his grandmother looked that day. It will be just as if he were standing there with them. Having used the 'projecting unit,' he can then use the 'photographing unit,' to do a similar thing himself, and send it home. To a certain extent, we are doing this even today through the practice of corresponding through tape and tape recorder."

So it looks like Roddenberry did indeed contemplate small, one-man non-interactive holographic booths on board ship.
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