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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

^^ Thanks for the nice feedback, gentlemen (just happen to wonder where is Albertese? Hope he's doing alright).

@ blssdwlf

I remember there was something I wanted to mention in your thread, good you reminded me of it. According to this screencap from "Journey to Babel" there is no corridor to the port side just behind the A frame although the angle of the wall behind Spock and McCoy is a little odd.

There could be a corridor to the port side behind he A frame in "Let That Be..." but I think the security crewmen may have been looking at a flat screen to see where Lokai is moving (and whether he is armed or not) and just step a little closer into the (A) frame as Kirk and McCoy are arriving.

Yes, I am aware that the door frame of the turbo lift in this scene is not your regular turbo lift door frame (and the carpet is differently), but I do believe that the regular turbo lift door and car is just one foot or so in front of this door frame (if this is an area that could be depressurized two doors are still better than one, IMHO).

@ Mytran

I do like the idea of stairwell lobbies (but not in this case) as I still do believe that the room opposite the WNM sickbay is such a stairwell lobby (i.e. the one where Kirk and Spock disappear after the Valiant's flight recorder had been beamed on board, the one where Yeoman Smith pops up before being "stalked" by Mitchell in the alternate edit of WNM).

The "quick" alignment of the court and rec room looks like crap and apparently suggests either
a) to align the court room so the wall next to the oval table would be at a 90 angle to the starboard corridor or
b) twist it into an essentially rectangular room, so the exterior support struts have equal dimensions.

a) would be accurate but b) would probably look better.

For the sake of accuracy I think I should go for option a) but in this difficult case I'm really open for suggestions.

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