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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Antedians. Evolved mongeese.
B is for Berengarian dragons. Never seen on screen, but huge.
C is for Cardassians. AKA Spoonheads.
D is for Deneva flying pizza monsters.
E is for Excalbians. Silicon-based, and curious.
F is for Ferengi Rules of Acquisition. There are 285 of them. So far.
J is for Janus six.
K is for Klingon head ridges. Now you see 'em, now you don' least not for another century or so.
L is for Lovely Ladies. There are hundreds serving on the Enterprise.
M is for Matriarchal regime. Starfleet explorers encountered several during their travels.
N is for Nimoy. Leonard Nimoy, director of Star Trek III.
O is for Ohniaka III, a Starfleet outpost that was the target of self-aware, renegade Borg drones under the leadership of Lore.
P is for Pakled literature.
Q is for Q. As in Planet Q, not the character.
R is for Romulus. Destroyed by a super nova in Star Trek 11.
S is for Stonn, Spock's very quiet and stern rival for T'Pring's affections during the pon farr challenge of 2267.
T is for Tolian Soran. The Doctor that stole Trilithium.
U is for underwater. Apparently the last place you'd look for a starship.
V is for Voyager VI. The Elvis and Beatles combined of long-lost Earth space probes.
W is for Worf. Klingon orphan.
X is for Xindi-Arboreals. They could use a good Brazilian every now and then.
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