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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

After all that talk of taking some time off last week, then not doing, only to get snowed under with work. So with nothing going on today I ended up spurlging on a few episodes.

Then I come back to Cathexis

I don't know how I felt about this episode. I enjoyed watching it, but as I think about the premise while writing this I'm rolling my eyes a little. That said, the double bluff what was going on was pulled off pretty well.

Mulgrew's acting in a couple of places is a bit odd though. It's clear she decided to play it suspicious of Tuvok relatively early on, despite the script having Janeway not mistrust him until much later. Which left half the scenes with her very odd.

I can see why Beltran gets annoyed later on with his character too. Here Chakotay saves the crew, but he spends 99% of the episode lying in sickbay. Though as a result we did get to see the brilliant reaction from the Doctor to the medicine wheel, especially when he points out the mistakes. Gotta love that database of knowledge. But that music started playing again, I'd not even really noticed till Captain Kathryn pointed it out. Cheers for that

For the first time during this rewatch, I think I found an episode I missed originally. I had absolutely no recollection of this before. Usually I get this vague sense of having watch them. But here, nothing.


This one I do remember. Well the B'Elanna Klingon/Human split anyway. I didn't remember it was the Vidians. I love them as villains. The body-horror of them is very well done.

It's also a good luck at how the two sides of a person born in two cultures learns to balance them, and by removing one they aren't the same place. Dawson also does a great job of playing two versions of the same character. Though her speech as a klingon makes me wonder how much of their distinctive way of speaking is just a result of the teeth they have to wear.

Poor guy who will go on to become the police chief in Continuum (that's just a reference, not a slight on the show). Durst is introduced in one episode and killed the next. Not only that but the evil surgeon then wears his face.


The guy responsible for a weapon of mass destruction sets about making up what little he can for the damage he has caused. Is it me, or has this one been done a thousand times?

For a second I actually thought they were going to twist it and have the guy still an evil nutjob, but apparently not.

This one didn't really do a thing for me.
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