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Do you think you could post here to explain how you "marked/square around the post you are replying to?

I see that it makes it easier to understand replies when you see the original post.
Gsam, you use the "Quote" button under the response to which you wish to reply.

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I'm all for expanding the fan base and understand that this isn't "my parents star trek" but I think that with this being an altered time line that pairs spock and uhura then that leaves kirk needing a close companion. You can take the definition of close companion to mean anything you want. I feel that with spock having uhura in his life that the dynamic between he and kirk is very different than in TOS. I think that he needs bones because with the change in dynamic between he and spock that kirk needs someone at his side to confide in and such.

And frankly, I think that bones and even pike have much more of Jim's best interests at heart than spock does.
If you look at the structure of Star Trek 2009, that is what happened, though: Bones is Kirk's friend who questions Spock's decisions regarding Kirk, while Uhura is Spock's friend who questions Kirk's decisions. They are basically equals in the role they play. The problem comes from people who willfully misunderstand the structure of the film and want things to stay the same as they were in the 1960s: and thus, we get Star Trek "Fans" who actually say things like this (actual quotes):

"Once again Bones is relegated to N04 behind behind Uhura.
How annoying. This Uhura has nothing to offer over the quite brilliant Karl Urban’s ‘Bone’s yet they keep pushing her up the pecking order. grrrr"

"Where is Bones? Who is that scary woman on behind? Oh, I almost forgot that this ugly creature is “Uhura” now. And she is now substitute for McCoy. I don’t buy this shit."

"Uhura gets the cover and Bones gets pushed to panel two with Scotty. I know why the marketing people do it, I know: she’s female, of race, good looking, played by a well-known actress. Even so, Bones and Scotty are far more important to the franchise (and more well-known publicly) than Uhura. Uhura is traditionally down in second class with Sulu and Chekov."
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