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Re: Why my friend doesn't like DS9: Sisko.

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Yeah rewatching Emissary now, I do think Sisko comes on a bit too strong in that scene. But it's still compelling as hell to watch, and their final scene together does a great job smoothing things over.

The only thing that seems weird to me, and a bit jarring, is that after that first meeting Sisko's right back to being his happy go lucky self in the next scene. Lol
I think I might be the only person on the planet that thinks Picard is the asshat in that episode.

Fair enough that perhaps Sisko is a bit unfair in his attitude twoard Picard, but the dismissive manner in which Picard treats Sisko is totally unwarranted, IMO.

Picard comes off as an elitist prick sitting there playing with his matched tea service all the while lecturing Sisko (lost wife and being posted to a floating garbage dump) about having to put up with the hardships of the service.

This is an early indicator of why I came to like DSN much more than I ever liked TNG.
Picard wasn't an asshat at all. He was there to give a briefing to the stations new Commander. Sisko started whining about the posting to a superior officer. The response is pretty much what I expect to hear in any line of the military. Maybe an ENS would say something like "its not ideal here" but Sisko has been around long enough to know better. I would have asked Sisko why he even bothered to show up in the first place if that was going to be his attitude.

As for his latent hostility to Picard, I think that it is completely understandable regardless of the circumstances. That face is one he will always associate with the death of his wife. He gets a freebie here and Picard seemed to understand that. Picard didn't seem to appreciate the implication but didn't press the issue with Sisko and let him vent.

I thought Picard handled it the best way he could by keeping the meeting strictly business. Sisko came around in his own time.
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