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Re: Mashup songs

Ah, Unicron, you knew I couldn't resist a thread such as this...

Mashups. I must have been a fan of these for nearly 11 years now.

Some personal favourites (apart from those already mentioned):
"Mash It Up" - Norwegian Recycling
"Rock of Ages" - DJ Schmolli
"Since U Been Gahan" - DJ Earworm
"Smells Like Rockin' Robin" - Go Home Productions
"Maiden Goes to Bollywood" - Wax Audio
"Titanium 500" - DJ Schmolli
"SLH (Sri Lanka High)" - DJ Jay R
"Gangnam Busters" - FAROFF
"Galvanize The Empire" - PartyBen
"Like OMG Baby" - DJ Earworm
"Mash Me Amadeus" - DJ Schmolli
"Fix Your Bottle" - Mighty Mike
"Hello In Electric Dreams" - Marc Johnce
"The Happy Countdown" - Mighty Mike
"Roxanne Should Be Dancing" - DJ Zebra
"Just Stop Believin'" - DJ Tripp
"Pinocchiohead on LSD" - Go Home Productions
"Walrus of Choice" - FAROFF
"Everybody & Ray Speak No Americano" - Mashup-Germany vs. FAROFF
(yes, a mashup of two mashups)
"The Final Teen Spirit Mashup" - Wax Audio
"Neverending" - Mighty Mike
"Ben Is Chasing Beautiful Girls" - Norwegian Recycling
"Easy Heaven" - Brat

Also, this one:

From Danger Mouse's legendary "Grey Album":

"What More Can I Say"
"99 Problems"

Finally, this:

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