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hello..I am a first time poster and so if I make an inadvertent mistake please forgive and please not my error (gentle correction).

Anyways straight to the point. I am hearing that the magazine cover with Bones, Kirk, Spock, and Uhura is not a genuine cover. It was "made up" by someone on the internet.

Can you please set the record straight on this and include any links if possible so I can let my friends know the truth one way or the other.

Thank you
I did read something yesterday which seemed to say that the version of the cover with Bones substituted for Harrison was a fan Photoshop, but it sounds now as if that might have been speculation. Let me see if I can dig it up.

[Edit] - I think this is the one I remember seeing:

Could have been speculation, could have been joking around (they'd been riffing on possible alterations to the cover already), or even just an excuse to use the #wrathofthecumberbabes hashtag.

[Edit, again]
King Daniel wrote: View Post
Its on the offical Empire site, so it's real:
Actually, I don't see the McCoy edit cover anywhere there, so... ?
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