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Thank you for the quick reply. I can't say I disagree with the fans wanting Bones to have at least equal status with uhura.

I'm all for expanding the fan base and understand that this isn't "my parents star trek" but I think that with this being an altered time line that pairs spock and uhura then that leaves kirk needing a close companion. You can take the definition of close companion to mean anything you want. I feel that with spock having uhura in his life that the dynamic between he and kirk is very different than in TOS. I think that he needs bones because with the change in dynamic between he and spock that kirk needs someone at his side to confide in and such.

And frankly, I think that bones and even pike have much more of Jim's best interests at heart than spock does.

Again I'm new and am not sure if this was the correct thread to post these thoughts on and for that I apologize. If you would be so kind as to tell me the proper procedure then I will be sure to follow it in the future
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