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Re: 20 YEARS AGO TODAY: "But I'm Not Even Supposed to BE Here Today!"

To be honest, it's such a detail, I'm not even sure if it was intentional. So, here it is.

In Dogma, Bethany asks Jay how they got to Illinois. Jay tells the story of John Hughes and Shermer, IL, and here's the important quote:
"Then it hits me, we could live like fat rats if we're the blunt connection in Shermer, Illinios, so we collected some money we were owed and caught a bus."

But, in Strike Back, when they try to go to Hollywood by bus, Jay is shocked:
"Tickets? Since when did they start charging for the bus? Didn't we used to ride that shit to school every morning for free?"
Showing that they didn't ride a bus since school days.

Therefore, the bus ride to IL had to take place after that.
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