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Re: The Continuity of Days Gone By

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Okay, since I can't resist making lists and chronologies, I've put together a list of the '80s novel continuity in approximate chronological order, drawing on some of the assumptions that applied in the '80s, like the timeline of the Spaceflight Chronology (which put TOS about 60 years sooner than modern Trek chronology does) and the implicit assumption of a second 5-year mission before TMP.
The Reeves-Garfields' [i]Prime Directive should also be included as part of 80s novel continuity, published at the end of the continuity's run and with decidedly significant events difficult to reconcile with the continuity though it might be. (The devastation of Talin IV, the expulsion of most of the command crew from Starfleet, and the months-long pause in the five-year mission stand out as particularly problematic.)

My grounds for doing so lie in the form of the Centaurans, the indigenous near-human species native of Alpha Centauri VII in the 80s continuity. In their earlier novel Memory Prime, the two authors built upon the Spaceflight Chronology to develop the Centaurans as an advanced but somewhat xenophobic civilization, one that hid many of its high-energy emissions sources underground and relied on fibre optics rather than radio transmission, explaining why the first Earth expedition to Alpha Centauri discovered the Centaurans almost before landing. In Prime Directive, the Reeves-Garfields go into greater detail about these Centaurans and their civilization, even introducing Zalan Wilforth, a character of mixed human-Centauran background.
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