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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Sounds fine, especially the recommendation to put points in attack patterns, my personal recommendation though would be...

Stick 4x single cannons and 4x turrets on it (or 3x turrets and borg cutting beam), pref disruptors for the resist debuff. Cycle cannon rapid fire 1 & 2 and DEM 2 & 3 and you should have a pretty big DPS monster....

OR, if you're going to extremes, use this build:-

3x purple technician doffs (of the cooldown reduction variety).
Fore - 4x single cannons (or 3 cannons + torp of choice) (crtd and crth are good choices here)
Aft - 4x turrets (or 3 turrets and cutting beam if you have it)

Eng consoles - RCS, Borg, neutronium, romulan zero-point console (increases crit chance)
Sci consoles - 3x field generators or replace some with romulan plasma proccing sci consoles
Tac consoles - 3x energy type buffing consoles

Lt Cmdr Tac (preferably rare romulan tactical male boff as they boost crit chance and severity)- Tactical team 1, cannon rapid fire 1, attack pattern omega 1
Cmdr Eng - Emergency power to shields 1, aux to battery 1, aux to battery 2, directed energy modulation 3.
Lt Eng - Emergency power to engines 1, RSP
Ens Sci - Tractor beam 1
Lt Universal - hazard emitters 1, transfer shield strength 2 or torpedo skills

The 2x aux to battery skills will reduce all bridge officer powers down to global cooldowns, effectively meaning you have two of every skill. Two attack pattern omega 1's, two cannon rapid fire 1's, 2x RSP, 2x DEM etc etc. And yes, this is working as intended by the devs.

The cutting beam and borg console gives you the chance of a nadion inversion proc, for every shot of ALL of your weapons. Trust me, with the number of cannon and turret shots being fired, it procs a lot.

The Marion Francis doff gives you

That should get you to 9k.
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