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Any chance...

Any chance that Scott Bakula appears as "Admiral Archer" in STID? They went to the trouble of not only mentioning him in the first movie, but Kirk had some throwaway line about knowing his beagle. Also, it looks like the villain's plans in the sequel have his sights set on earth itself, which would definitely draw the attention of the fleet admiral. I haven't heard any official word on it, but it seems as though Kurtzman and Orci went out of their way to set him up and Kirk's familiarity with at least his dog in the first movie, so I could see this happening without us knowing until we see the flick. JJ is into that whole secrecy thing.

Also, on a slightly related note... does anyone have any theories on what happens to T'Pol in the JJ reality? Was she on Vulcan when it was destroyed or was she on earth? Has there ever been a thread about this?
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