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Re: So many horrible characters aboard the Voyager

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I never knew there was so much hate for poor Harry!
Neelix could be annoying, but most of the time he was ok.
The only character I really didnt care for was Chakotay.

About Seven of Nine....I like her as a character, but I dont like the way she took focus away from the other characters. AND...One of the things I hate the most that TV shows do is replacing characters! Adding a character is fine. Losing a character is fine. Replacing a character makes it feel less like a real story and more like...well, a TV show.
I agree on what you said about Harry and Neelix. Why so much hate for Harry? He was just trying to be a good officer! Poor Harry... Yes, he was a kiss-up, but who could blame him? He was straight out of the academy and on his first mission, he got stranded in the Delta Quadrant. That is some crappy luck. And even after that, he still tried his best always. He wasn't the most interesting character, but I will blame that on the writers. I have a soft spot for Harry too because I also play the clarinet. Band geeks stick together!

As for the Neelix hate --> I do enjoy poking fun at Neelix (cat? yes), but he was still one of my favorite characters. He started out using Voyager as just a means to free Kes, but ended up being very valuable to them. And even though he did not possess standard Starfleet Academy skills, he was native to the Delta Quadrant, which helped a great deal. And he cooked for everyone and tried to even make Tuvok smile. You can't hate on that!

I can't say I dislike any of the Voyager characters. I love all of them. If you remove any of them from the's not the same show anymore.

That said, Kes was a little bit too one-dimensional in the first two seasons. Her spouts about THE DOCTOR IS REAL! And her super-duper kindness all the damn time. And...imagining her and Neelix getting it on also =

However, we all know that Kes changes in time... And gets replaced by a hot ...

But even though Kes is replaced and that is too bad for any series, "token hot chick replacement" turns out to be one of the funniest and most well-played characters on the show with a complexity that some other characters did not have (they underdeveloped characters like Harry and Chakotay compared to Seven of Nine).

I have not watched the entire Trek franchise (currently watching season 1 of DS9 now), but having seen all of the films, most of TNG and TOS, as of now VOY still is my favorite cast.

There is a unique sense of humor generated from the Doctor/EMH, Seven, Tom, Tuvok, Neelix, Janeway, and the rest of the characters that I believe other Trek series lack, in my opinion. But, I have always preferred comedy over drama. Sci-fi in and of itself will always be my favorite genre, but sci-fi mixed with comedy, without it making an entire joke of itself, is the best kind for me. I think the Voyager cast was the only cast to pull off the comedy without making it seem forced. It had just enough comedic moments to notice it as a special feature of VOY that other series didn't have without making it the focal point of the series.

Is it the most profound series of Trek? Maybe not. Did they use too much time travel and Borg? Maybe. But it has a great comedic angle and a special chemistry among the characters that I find the most enjoyable to watch.
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