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Re: DS9 Forum Welcome Thread: Hello fellow Niners!

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Glad to hear you are getting into it.

I really like Voyager as well, though DS9 is my favourite. Voyager's humour was fantastic, and some of the best episodes were very funny.

Some of DS9's humour tends to be on the wacky side (often focused on the Ferengi) and the lighter episodes don't work quite so well as Voyager (In the Cards and The Magnificent Ferengi are great, but others are more miss than hit), but I think the best moments come in the interactions between characters - Quark and Odo, Bashir and O'Brien and Dax and...pretty much anyone.

I think the sixth season is my favourite. It opens with an epic arc, with four of the first six episodes among the series' best. There's war, romance, comedy, drama and each is executed brilliantly.

The Magnificient Ferengi, Statistical Probabilities, Call to Arms, Rocks and Shoals, A Time to Stand, Favour the Bold, Sacrifice of Angels, Honour Among Thieves, Far Beyond the Stars, In the Pale Moonlight - geez, that's an incredible season.
I'm on the third episode now.

So far I like Quark and his kid. It will be cute if Sisko's kid and Quark's kid become friends. Even though just about every Star Trek series had at least one kid aboard, it still troubles's really not a safe place for kids to grow up. At least on Voyager, they had no choice. They were in the Delta Quadrant. No way home, so I understand. Then again, Sisko, Quark and O'Brien did not have the luxury to just "leave their kids home". So, I understand. It's just not the best place for kids to grow up considering there is always the possibility of an attack. Then again, I suppose a Space Station is (in theory anyway) safer than a Starship and they did mention in episode 2 that they had about 12 kids aboard.

As for the other characters, I like the fact that Bashir keeps relentlessly trying to get Dax to like him. It makes for some humor. Bashir seems like he is adorably awkward haha. The fact that Dax is Trill and had a male host before kind of takes the sexiness out, but it doesn't seem to matter for Bashir? lol

Sisko seems respectable. A good commander and a caring father.

Major Kira is ass-kicking awesome!!!!!!!!!! I love her so far.

When I was younger about 8 years ago (a freshman in college), I dated a guy for a few months who was a hardcore Trek fan and at the time I had never really watched it. We did watch a few eps of Voyager together, but I wasn't into it at the time. But all he talked about was how he loved Kira haha. I remember actually being really jealous...and even getting mad when he talked about her haha. Seems so dumb now.

Anyway, I like it so far. It's a little harder for me to follow as opposed to Voyager when I started watching it. Not sure why. But yeah I am enjoying it.

Can I ask why Quark is allowed to run that casino/restaurant whatever it is? It's awesome that he can and seems like it will make for good Ferengi humor later on, but it strikes me odd that it's all cool with the Federation that he does hahaha. I am not sure if I sound stupid by asking, but I am pretty sure Picard or Janeway wouldn't have put up with it. Then again, they were on Starships. Space Station seems more relaxed.

As for Odo, he kind of creeps me out. But after the second episode ended, I realized he really is genuine. Just something about him seems off to me. But I am probably just being all n00b and don't know the character well yet.
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