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Re: Doctor Who from the start (by a n00b)

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Back in the 1960s there were no reruns, shows aired once and that was it. And in the 1970s there were still no reruns and BBC believed there was no worth to black and white shows now that everyone had a colour TV.
There were reruns actually, in the '70s they'd put a story together movie style and show it and in the break between Tom Baker and Peter Davson they showed what amounted to full season of past Dcotors calling it The Five Faces Of The Doctor.
The Five Faces season wasn't edited into movies, they ran the original episodes, but stripped four days a week. For five weeks on Mondays, we had the first episode of a vintage Doctor Who at 5.40, then The Adventure Game, and then after a half hour gap, a new episode of Blake's 7!
The movie compilations were earlier, between about '72 and '77, when there'd be one or two each Christmas (from '78 onwards, the Beeb went over to running two or three complete stories in the summer instead). Oh, and the 1982 vintage repeats season, Doctor Who and the Monsters, was re-edited, into two double length episodes for each story.

But of course, to get back to the original point, there weren't any Doctor Who repeats during the 60s, which is the era that's missing, aside from a repeat of the first episode the following week, and of Evil of the Daleks in summer '68.
I know The Five Faces Of Doctor Who weren't exdited into movie format, but repeats from the '70s were. And of course there no or few repeats in the '60s because the wasn't off the air for long til the end of the Troughton era.
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