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Re: They are going ahead with a Justice League movie

Takeru wrote: View Post
Or they could drop Green Lantern and not use him at all. His movie was a flop, the character isn't well known and his powers will eat the cgi budget and in return we'll either get silly constructs or a collection of green shields, beams or bubbles.
That's a fair enough position, although I still think it's likely we'll see one of the GLs in one form or another.

I still want the big three plus Cyborg and Zatanna.
Ehh, that's not really a line-up that's inspiring. Cyborg's an okay character, especially in the Wolfman/Perez NTT stuff, but I've never really liked this push in recent years to make him one of the Big Seven. Zatanna's good too, but I think introducing magic and a sorceress is going WAY too far for a first film, especially if this is going to include Bale's Batman or even Cavill's Superman. We're not quite in the age of Dr. Strange / Dr. Fate films quite yet where superheroes doing spells is no big deal. Introducing it with a minor character in a film introducing like 3-4 other new people is too much.

Just in general though, I think both are pretty low on my list of who'd I want to see in a JL movie. I'd like a line-up as close to the Big Seven as possible. Aquaman is (sadly) out-of-the-picture due to the perpetual mockery he's received from pop culture. J'onn could go either way; he's expendable, but if they decide to do White Martians, him hiding on Earth would make a great impetus for the team to come together. Supes/Bats/WW are a given. GL is likely although they'll definitely distance themselves from the 2011 film. And the Flash would make a great POV character, the likable, down-to-Earth, former police scientist, witnessing the gods around him.

Mr. Adventure wrote: View Post
I want pants on the former and not on the latter...
Hell no! If those are the two to be used, let's have some equal opportunity objectifying here. Zatanna in those fishnets, but Cyborg's bare legs for the ladies (and plenty men)...
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