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Re: Countdown to Darkness - Review and Discussion

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I liked issue #3, right up until the point where April explained how he was able to commandeer the Enterprise. I could not believe that Starfleet copied April's failsafe program from the previous Enterprise into the new Enterprise's computer. My reaction was, "What? How does that even make any foxtroting sense?"

I feel like I've read this particular story before, but I'm having a difficult time placing exactly where.
I felt exactly the same. This is the laziest piece of writing in this series yet. I hate deus ex machina solutions like that. I can not believe that starfleet engineers would be that lazy when setting up the computer systems on the top of the line ships. It's just not believeable at all.
Why would they "copy" it anyways? It's a completely new ship. Just because of the name Enterprise? Ridiculous.
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