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Re: Space Battleship Yamato 2199

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and said "too old, don't care". Or too 70s or something like that.
No creepy lolicon themes?

WHAT WERE THEY THINKING??? They don't know what an anime fan really want????
I agree with that statement.... Of course, the anime fans want stuff that they think is good or I should say, stuff that has craziness in it. It reminds me of a conversation in another forum about a certain manga that everyone likes wondering if it was going to get an anime. We all agreed that it was slim to none. But the fans on this side of the pond from Japan were the ones wanting it to become one. I wonder what the TV reaction in Japan will be once Space Battleship Yamato 2199 finally airs. It should go thru the roof. Not just with older fans. But with younger viewers who liked Gundam and Macross series (in all their various incarnations). Oh yeah, there is some fanservice that everyone likes.
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