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Re: The AGT Dreadnought Enterprise

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Plus, it broke the convention that nacelles always worked in pairs - so you could have 2 (Constitution, Galaxy, most others), 4 (Constellation) and so forth, but never an odd number.
Supposedly that "convention" existed only because Gene Roddenberry wanted to "discredit" Franz Joseph's old 1975 Star Fleet Technical Manual, after FJ was able to licence it (to the makers of the Star Fleet Battles tabletop RPG game) without Roddenberry getting a cut.

The SFTM has continued to be a big influence on Trek - the Enterprise discussed in this thread is likely inspired by his three-nacelled Dreadnought-class ships, the USS Kelvin and Spacedock in the last movie resemble FJ's one-nacelled Destroyer/Scout class (as does the barely-seen Freedom-class from the BoBW graveyard) and Starfleet HQ station designs.
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