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Re: When exactly did Marla McGivers die?

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The blonde thing, and probably the youth thing, was in order to evoke images of the Hitler youth. I agree that it clashed with continuity and is one of the biggest issues with Khan.
Say what? The ST II-IV trilogy came out around the time we discovered that Central Alberta (the region of Canada where I live) was infested with Holocaust deniers, one of whom was peddling his opinions as indisputable facts to a captive audience - his high school social studies students, who were compelled to parrot this crap back to him in their essays and term papers, or else receive a failing grade (this "teacher" was eventually fired, put on trial, and lost his teaching license - public Holocaust denial is classed as hate speech in Canada and is illegal).

In spite of that, and other equally horrible people around here, the "blond characters in TWOK = Hitler Youth Movement" never crossed my mind even once.
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