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Re: New Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser!

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I think it's hard to take any defense of JJ Trek seriously when your avatar is the enterprise "splishing" into the water like this is something to celebrate.
Wait. wait. You don't buy that the fact that the Enterprise can survive underwater?

This is a ship (in the Prime timeline) that traveled through time by flying around the sun. really. really. fast. You can buy into that, but you can suspend disbelief to think that the ship may be able to survive underwater?

Furthermore, in the last film this ship only begun to crack due to the pressure of a black hole (which is probably a bazillion times worse than underwater). The Defiant flew so close to the sun that that it could properly aim a sun flare at a space station (which would still be more pressure than underwater) and survive, while Voyager escaped a black hole by cracking its event horizon and flying out (this has little to do with my point, I just always love pointing out the absurdity of that).

But, it is completely and utterly impossible that the most advanced ship in the federation can survive under water.


Dude, get's some perspective.
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