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Re: So just how old WAS Pike?

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The Final Draft script for "The Menagerie" (October 7, 1966) has a couple of small comments that might be worth sharing:

1. The Cast List at the front of the script says that one of the charcters is "CAPTAIN CHRISTOPHER PIKE (aged)." It's interesting that he's described as "aged," and not "disfigured" or "crippled" or something similar. He cetainly is all those things, but it's interesting that Roddenberry made it a point of calling the character "aged." It seems making him look older than he looked before (presumably thirteen years before) was an important (and, well, obvious) point Roddenberry wanted to make.

2. Commodore Jose Mendez is described as: "Starbase Commodore JOSE MENDEZ, a few years older than KIRK, but still a virile, active man." (Of course, "a few" isn't more specifically quantified.)

3. The Closed Captioning for Mendez' line (as is also reproduced on a few "episode transcript" web sites) is:

"About your age. Big, handsome man, vital, active."

But the actual line from the script, differing only, and subtly, by its punctuation (and by the word "a") is:

"About your age, a big, handsome man, vital, active..."

I didn't really notice it until I read the line instead of hearing it delivered, but I speculate that what might have been intended was simply this interpretation:

"[When] about your age, [he was] a big handsome man--vital, and active."

Since it's punctuated with a comma after "about your age" instead of the hard-stop of a period, I think it was intended to mean "When about your age,..." not "He is about your age."
Now that makes a lot of sense!
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