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Re: Glee - Season Four

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I've gotten really tired of the show. Not sure if it's the NYC group or the Lima group or both. Or just the writing in general. And I know I'm tired of Shue and Sue. Her character is just too unbelievable and I'm tired of telling myself, "well, it's just a tv show, they're allowed literary license." I really don't like the idea of ruining peoples' lives and then, oh she's sensitive. It's not Jane Lynch I have a problem with, it's the writers/directors/whomever.
I've given up on the show. At first it was the NYC group, but then I realized, I wasn't big on the Lima group anymore, either.

As to what gave me glee from Glee, as a fan of covers, it's been the songs, more than the story-lines or even the characters. There's still plenty of ways to hear/buy/etc. the music from the show, without watching it.
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