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I liked Enterprise but didn't care a lot for Archer.

I wouldn't outright say I didn't like Jerry Seinfeld but he was definitely my least favourite of the quartet in that show (and I preferred recurring characters like Newman to him too).

Kind of a cheat here but I don't like the Sixth or Seventh Doctors in Doctor Who!
Count me in for Archer too. It's a shame because I was a big QL fan and I always liked Bakula, and when I heard he was going to be Archer I was really thrilled...then I saw the show and realised that he was horribly miscast, he's just not Captain material. They should have cast Trineer as Archer IMO.
You are my new best friend.

I was thinking exactly the same thing. I have always liked Bakula but thought Archer on ENT was kind of, well, an arrogant dick. Trinneer as Trip completely stole the show. He was the most likable and most interesting by far, even with the inconsistent writing. It was probably the way in which the Archer character was written; he was talked up too often, practically mythologized and then Bakula plays him as Joe Suburban. It made me feel a bit resentful of him. "Wait a minute! He's not so great. Stop talking about him. Put Trip on!"

It's a shame, really. I really liked Bakula on "Men of a Certain Age," where he was playing an immature, vain, selfish actor. You weren't supposed to like him, at least not a first, and he did a great job, making you eventually feel a bit sorry for this idiot.
Yeah he just made Archer so...bland is the best word I can use to describe it. The kind of man Archer was supposed to be should have been a man who reached out and grabbed history by the throat, the kind of man people would follow into hell, the kind of man who could make differing alien races want to work together, and I got none of that from him. I'm not suggesting he needed to be a scene stealer like Kirk, or as imposing as Sisko, or as downright stubborn as Janeway, Stewart owned the bridge every time he was on it despite being dwarfed by Riker and Worf, he was quiet but exuded an aura of command.

Now it may be that Archer is a more realistic portrayal of a pivotal historical character, and the fact that he was clearly out of his depth was kinda the point, I know that, I just think in the hands of another actor the character would have worked better, not even a better actor, just an actor with more presence.

I'm glad people have mentioned Jack on Lost as well, I never liked that guy very much (much preferred Sawyer) though having said that one of the two moments that made me tear up in the finale was Jack and his Dad (the other being Sawyer and Juliette) but then given my own dad had died just a few months before I kinda put it down to that!

Tennant I still like as the Doctor. I think he was overrated, and the ease with which Matt Smith wears the role clearly shows that he was trying too hard most of the time, but he's still a good Doctor to me.
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