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Re: teacake does Farscape: Spoiler Free first time viewing

Till the Blood Runs Clear: Woot, Magda Szubanski! She should be in more roles like this. I never once thought of netball.

I liked how her eyes popped out in the grease that was dusted all over her face.

Some great structures in this one:

I adore this kind of Blade Runner in the desert style.

These dog like aliens were great! The sniffing, the costumes, that they were intelligent and yet pack like.

AND the grooming scene, loved this. Unspoken moment that emphasizes how different they are from us.

Nice Worf joke too.

Unfortunately I was eating something when they cut into D'Argo's tentacle. I actually gagged. I guess that means the scene was a success

The whole bonding scene under fire between John and D'Argo was rather too much. So much effort put into them defining their relationship, I bet the slashers had a field day with that.

Kind of amused at how hot headed D'Argo is, he sure makes himself a lot of trouble.

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