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Re: How Do You Define Success In Life?

Kelthaz wrote: View Post
Yes it is. That's what you said. You even bolded the text to make your point.

it's more like saying "As long as I get enough to eat, the lack of dining out at five star restaurants doesn't bother me." I just don't understand why you went all Data on Warp Coil when he said that money doesn't matter.
No, because now you're differentiating between types of wealth based on how much money one has, which goes back to my original statement that not having enough money to meet food/shelter/medicine requirements really does matter.

This is what you said:
Kelthaz wrote:
^ Obviously when people say "money doesn't matter" they aren't saying it's awesome to be some starving kid in Africa. They mean money doesn't matter once you've achieved financial security.
Which means that for anyone who has not achieved financial security, money does matter. Do you know how many people that is?

We've been discussing "I have a powerful need to eat" money, not surplus income for extravagances, and that does matter. You were the one that changed it to mean something such as having financial security, which is absurd, because if people were financially secure, you'd see a lot less worry about money, because most people worry about money so they can pay bills, feed their kids, and afford medicine. Not go out to a five star restaurant every weekend. To say otherwise is to be completely out of touch with how most people live.

Now, I'm not saying Warp Coil is, because his comment was simple enough. I just wanted to make the point that for most people, money matters in a significant way. You have complicated that, and you still missed the point and muddied the water.
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