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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

The King's Demons, The Five Doctors and Warriors of the Deep (Fifth Doctor).

The King's Demons was a fun historical tale with the obligatory sci-fi twist. A great explanation of the Master's motives in preventing the signing of the Magna Carta would have helped. Was he just screwing with the Doctor's favorite planet just for the hell of it or was this just a cog in a larger scheme?

While The Five Doctors told a fun story, I think The Three Doctors was a better tale overall. There were just too many characters and not enough things to do. Susan and Turlough were just left in the TARDIS and given a series of reaction shots. Despite this, I liked what interaction the various Doctors had with their companions and Richard Hurndall did well as the First Doctor.

Warriors of the Deep was an excellent story completely hampered by its execution. I watched the making-of documentary on the disc and understand that there were all sorts of production problems which gives it an excuse but Solow's attempted Kung-Fu against the Myrka just made me laugh. The idea of the Silurians using the cold war between two power blocks as a means to kill humanity off was great and was the redesign of the race itself. It's too bad they went with a more standard lizard with human face approach in Modern Who.
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