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Re: 20 YEARS AGO TODAY: "But I'm Not Even Supposed to BE Here Today!"

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Right now he's a poster boy for health compared to the shape he was in during the Dogma - JASB period. To call Jason a complete wreck would be treating his condition very kindly. If there was a prescription or illegal drug within reach he'd probably have put it into his body.

That's why he wasn't in Jersey Girl. Kevin wasn't going to let him back on-screen in one of his movies until he got himself cleaned up.
I thought e issue was hat Jason had an outstanding warrant fr drug possession, and couldn't travel to NJ where it was filming?
Probably both now that you mention it. Jason's drug use had gotten to the point where it embarrassed Kevin and he didn't want his erratic presence on the set of any of his movies until he went into rehab and cleaned up his act. The warrant in question no doubt played a role, but based on what Kevin's said in recent years he wasn't about to put Jason in Jersey Girl as profoundly messed up and dysfunctional as he was at that time.
I think in one of the podcasts Jay said it really hit home when Kevin told him he didn't want Jay around his daughter anymore. That was when he got serious about getting and staying clean and sober.
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