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Re: Villains, Always With The Villains

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Yeah, I've pretty much had it with every ST movie needing a evil villain badguy bent on revenge and ensuing space battle climax.
As a Star Trek fan, I would love to see a non-violent drama, an involved mystery story, or even a romantic comedy set on the Enterprise. But no "A -list" movie can play solely to Star Trek fans and exspect to make back it's production costs.

Now if TPTB were willing to make a B-list Star Trek for around 30 or 40 million, we maybe could see a complex storyline Star Trek movie that wasn't devoted to girls in their underwear, space battles, running up and down corridors, and cardboard cutout "villains."

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Please, Cesar Romero was a better Joker than Ledger.
To paraphrase Firefly, "Well, my time of taking you seriously is coming to a middle." Romero better than Ledger? Seriously?
Allow me to rephrase, Cesar Romero was a better ACTOR than Ledger. There now, all better.

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