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Re: What ethnicity are you?

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But I don't see why. A person's ethnicity is absolutely no barometer of a person's aptitude for any job. It's like when they ask permission to check your credit rating. The reality, as you say, is that there are a million reasons a person might have a poor credit score, non of which have anything to do with an applicant's ability to work.
Well, if you're talking about specifically job applications then I agree.

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Glad someone wrote this

As a black American, I can tell you that all that "human" and "irrelevant" stuff is nonsense out in the real world. In fact the only folks that have the luxury of saying such things are white (or could pass as such). The rest of us know better.

I even consider the label "mixed" not particularly useful because in the real world it does not mean much. I mean honestly who isn't mixed?
I was with you till the end. Saying we're all mixed is as meaningless as saying we're all human. Sure, if you go back far enough, we're all mixed, and sure, ideally we should all recognize that, but being mixed race has its own meaning and issues in the real world -- I'm kind of baffled by anyone who can't see that!
While I will concede that on an individual level, people of mixed heritage may have some unique issues, the larger issue is usually that the mixed individual is seeking to identify with the half of their identity that they do not physically resemble.
This has not been my experience. I think this is true of some mixed people, but I don't think you really have much understanding of what it is like to be mixed race. I agree, for many there is a personal struggle for identity, but this is hardly the only or primary issue a mixed race individual has to deal with. Another major issue is acceptance, because often mixed people are not accepted by either racial group to which they belong: too white to be brown, too brown to be white is a pretty common and long-documented problem (for simplicity's sake I'm thinking of someone who is primarily a mix of two ethnicities). And since when do all mixed people only resemble one ethnicity?
My whole point about the mixed identity being meaningless is that it ignores the reality that on a very basic level our ethnic identity is determined by how society sees us and less by our genetic makeup. I think of this as the APB test. If one was to commit a crime, how would the witnesses describe you, what would the APB say.
This is partly true, and partly false, and for a lot of mixed people it is much more complicated than that. To use myself as an example, my skin is very, very fair. Cosmic latte, to borrow from Locutus' list of brilliant adjective phrases. My features, on the other hand, are not stereotypically caucasian. Many people see me as white, and my experience in life has been very different to that of my brother, who was much darker than me, and many of my other family members because of this. However, it has still not been a Typical White American Experience. As many people see me as mixed as see me as white. Other American Indians generally seem to know what I am. Actually, most people assume I'm foreign, bizarrely enough.

One may want to be mixed race, but when the chips are down, you are what you look like.
I'm sorry, but this is an ignorant and nasty thing to say. Really fucking disgusting. I don't want anything, I am mixed. And I have known people who wished they weren't mixed because for them it was really hard, it meant exclusion from both their heritages, and active racism from both fronts. I am not going to pretend to any experience I've not had, and I'd never try to downplay the experiences of racism or suppression that other minorities face, but growing up in a mixed race family comes with its own huge set of problems that you are either completely ignorant of or completely discounting.
The police don't pull over or hunt down mixed race folk...when they come looking they are looking for a black person or asian or latino. When go for a job interview, what does the person see when you walk in the room?
It sort of like the people that get in all a tizzy because President Obama calls himself black instead of mixed. I guarantee that Obama, a man who lived through the 60s and 70s , knew what people saw when he walked in the room. He was a black man, and anything after that was purely academic.
Firstly, not all mixed people are black and white. Each mix comes with its own set of issues. We do tend to follow a rule in this country of perceiving mixed black people as just black, but that rule doesn't follow with most other racial mixes, and so shouldn't be generalized to all mixed people. Secondly, as I touched upon before, when one is mixed one doesn't necessarily look like either of one's heritages. Like I said, people often assume I'm foreign because they don't know what to make of me. Some people just see me as white. Most Indians seem to recognize me as half. When you don't fit neatly into a box you can't base your race on a neat little box. Finally, assuming that the impact of being of mixed heritage is 'purely academic' is pretty damned insulting.

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