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Re: Ideas on what happened to planet from Norht star?

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any ideas what happened after Xindi incident was settled.
Archer's report on the planet will be lost.

Just like his report on the Romulan cloaking devise, details on the personnel who were Borg'ified, and security camera images of those Ferengi who boarded his ship.

it shows that the sherriff was able to change the law, or de emphasize it ...
Pretty common today (and in the "old west") for sheriff's to have this ability.

I wonder what reaction would be on earth to meeting the members of earths REAL oldest colony
I could see it two ways. One is designating the Human community some kind of a historical preserve. The other would be, Humanity does have a functional community on a inhabitable planet , that isn't too far from Earth. So the planet could become a major colony world.

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