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Re: Ever like a show but...

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Good thing she wasn't the main character of the show, then.
She was one of the main characters. No need to get arsey.
No, she wasn't. Yes, she was a prominent member of the supporting cast but she wasn't a main character. If you are going to interpret the thread that broadly then any regular cast member of any TV show is "the main character."

So, for example, under your theory Commissioner Gordon, Chief O'Hara, Aunt Harriet and Alfred the Butler were the main characters on a show called "Batman."

Furthermore, the question posed by the OP wasn't about "a" main character. It was about "the" main character. In the case of DS9 that was clearly Sisko
NCC-1701-B's right. DS9 was an ensemble show in most ways. Your Batman example, like most any prime time show prior to the 90's, was not an ensemble show.
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