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Re: When exactly did Marla McGivers die?

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Since this had never been "officially" established, I split the difference and made him Khan's foster son in the book.
And it works rather well. Some people guess that Joachim in ST II is simply an Aryan-revised, misspelled version of "Space Seed"'s dark-haired Joaquin (Mark Tobin).
Judson Scott is one of these people, and has been since the '80s. He even insists that Joachim, which Ricardo Montalban pronounced onscreen as "YO-uh-KEEM", is pronounced "wah-KEEM". Or at least he did when he was at the Denver Star Trek convention last.
I heard him pronounce it as "KEEN" with a really subtle "n", like some European languages do when "n" is at the end of a word.
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