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Re: so THATS why some of the cast didn't like Diana Muldaur

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Glad there are other Muldaur/Pulaski fans. I find McFadden (infact most of TNG) dull.
I think TNG is an excellent show for Seasons 3-5 but I'd agree McFadden's performance and character was dull. Compared to McCoy and Bashir, Crusher was a blank slate. There is no character there at all.

Pulaski was a big improvement.
I agree, Crusher was the worst doctor of all the Treks. McCoy, Bashir, the EMH and even Phlox were all better characters and played by far more watchable actors. Granted, Pulaski and Voyager's EMH were basically riffs of TOS McCoy character, but I'd rather have that then boring as Dr. Crusher and her stupid ass kid Welsey.

Gates McFadden was dull as dishwater and her character sucked.
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