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teacake wrote
The more years I spend with VOY the more I want to smack Chakotay hard. Or at the very least shake him.
Why? Personally I find Chakotay a good character. In fact, he's number 2 on my favorites list.
Because he always seems asleep or at best muted in his response. He lacks passion. He just stands there, the most you get out of him is a slightly higher voice register to indicate he's all torqued up about something.

I just want to shake him and yell, "YOU'RE A FRAKKING TERRORIST!!! PUT SOME HEART INTO IT!"
I don't dislike Chakotay by any means (obviously since I'm a J/C shipper), but he is not believable as having been a Maquis ship captain at all. He seems like the type that would have preferred sitting on the couch eating chips or something than ever captain an outlaw Maquis ship to the Badlands. If anything, I could see B'Elanna commanding that ship lol. Chakotay is just too blah about everything.

He shows a low amount of anger and aggression so far as I could see. It shows up once in a while when he boxes or calls himself a warrior...but to be honest, he's not. I don't dislike him for that. It's just not believable.

In Caretaker, he shows no objection to suddenly listening to and obeying Janeway's orders. He just relinquishes his ship and his power to her and rejoins Starfleet lol. In SOME episodes, he stands up to her. But usually he just acts comatose.

He has his good moments though, like in Nemesis. And I am glad that he respected Janeway and didn't give her much of a hard time...he's just...not believable as an angry Maquis outlaw lol.

But I can't hate on Chakotay. He was a good first officer to Janeway and in my imagination they lived happily ever after...
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