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Re: Why my friend doesn't like DS9: Sisko.

The whining of Picard groupies was more than pathetic. Sure it wasn't Picard's fault so Sisko was out of line. But Picard groupies couldn't let it go even after Sisko realized that he himself was the problem and got over his misguided anger of Picard. Nope. This colored the opinion of Sisko by Picard's fans from the beginning. I even recall some dude who wrote some Star Trek Tech book saying in one passage that at first he didn't like Sisko either because he had insulted "his hero" Jean Luc. Seriously fans needs to get a life and a grip when they won't let go of small stuff like that. They are fictional characters for goodness sakes and people want to hold grudges against them. Sisko got over it. Picard got over it. All over the course of one episode. But viewers can't move beyond it after 20 years? That says something about those folks and it ain't pretty.
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