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Why my friend doesn't like DS9: Sisko.

I was talking to my friend one day about DS9 and how it is easily as good a series as TNG or TOS. My friend didn't think so. I did show him a couple of episodes, In The Pale Moonlight, and The Way of the Warrior. He liked the episodes, but he didn't like Sisko.

Well there is one reason I already knew as to why he didn't like DS9, story arcs. He likes his TV in bottle shows. Otherwise, to him, it's a soap opera. Which I don't understand as he used to watch As The World Turns with me when we were in High School. So I had to push on and see why he didn't like Sisko.

If you haven't guessed by now, the reason he doesn't like Sisko and by extension DS9 is because of how Sisko treated Picard in their first meeting on board the Enterprise in Emissary. I should have thought of that because my friend is very much a part of Team Picard and Sisko was barely trying to hide his anger at Picard over the loss of Jennifer at Wolf 359. I understood why Sisko was angry, I also understand why it was hard for Sisko to keep his feelings in check when meeting a superior officer, but I also knew Picard's struggles with what happened during The Best of Both Worlds, so I saw both sides. I also enjoyed the acting of both men in the scene. Brooks' anger was visible but only just held in check and Stewart's momentarily being taken aback by meeting a victim of what the Borg forced him to do. It's a great scene to watch.

I must admit though that at that moment I didn't like Sisko either. Once the episode was over I liked Sisko, seeing that he never got over Jennifer's death and that he may have acted the same way to Riker or Data or even Worf, seeing them as wanting to save their captain over the Federation and all the civilians that may have died at Wolf 359.

I hope I made sense.

Anyway now for my question, who here did not like Sisko for a time (even if it was just the span of that scene, or ever) because of his first meeting with Picard on the Enterprise?
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