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Re: Brannon Braga on DS9

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Heh. DS9 wasn't "third" in the ratings...
Behind TOS and TNG? Yes, yes it was.
In raw numbers, yes. However, DS9 was the number 1 space-station based sci-fi series in syndication during its run.
You might as well also throw in "the most successful series employing a left-handed Key Grip named Roy" - which is to say, if you define your criteria narrowly enough, you can declare anything "most successful."

Hell, DS9 wasn't even the third most successful syndicated TV series during most of its run.

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Behind TNG, certainly. But TOS? I'd love to see the actual ratings numbers for the original run of TOS, even if they're not as detailed as today's numbers.
Yep. TOS failed on NBC with at least twice as many viewers as TNG succeeded with in syndication.
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